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Dongguan aolaite Machinery Co., Ltd. is a collection of scientific research, production, sales of shoes, service as one of the modern company, the founder of the company has nearly twenty years of production and management experience in the industry, mainly the introduction of Italy and Taiwan technology specializing in the production of shoe-making machinery, has trained a number of the industry outstanding technical backbone of the team. The company now has "violet" and "SKEMA" two brand, product marketing of domestic shoe base, are exported to Italy, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, Burma, Kampuchea, Bangladesh, South Africa, nearly thirty countries and regions, in just a few short years, out of the a unique development path, the fastest growing and most innovative enterprises shoes machine industry,
Violet has always been to "culture, quality, service" as the foundation of enterprise development, will continue to carry forward the "quality, pragmatic, and trustworthy" spirit, dedication to make contributions to modern shoe-making industry.
The main products are:
Near infrared bottom line, quick freezing shaping machine, rapid heating forming machine, vacuum heating / freezing shaping machine, EVA outsole setting machine, UV irradiation machine, large base washing machine, industrial exhaust fan dehumidifier and all kinds of pipeline, and provide the shoemaking equipment throughout the plant output.
Professional planning work for customers, for you to save time and money saving!

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