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Dongguan: machine industry resource integration started collective brand
From: Dongguan Aolaite Machinery Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-03-19

Dongguan shoe machinery association started the effective integration of industry resources, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of collective brands.

Exhibition Center in Dongguan Shoe Machinery Association, it showcases the latest automated production equipment more than 30 member enterprises R & D, started the collective brand shoes.

Located on highway 256 liaoxia section of the Dongguan chamber of Commerce shoes Product Exhibition Center, showcasing the most advanced automation equipment, most of which are developed by the production enterprise Houjie shoe.

Dongguan shoe machinery association president Wang Jingwen said: the shoe machinery elite gathered together, first let them save a little cost, if he opened a shop alone, at least a month two to thirty thousand yuan, is now concentrated to us together, spent a month as long as less than 1000 yuan can. The customer is concerned, he can go into a shop, more than 30 shoe enterprises, bring a convenience to customers.

At present, production and distribution of shoe manufacturers in our town nearly 400 businesses, shoe sales accounted for 50% of the province, the proportion of domestic products reached 90%. Next, Dongguan shoe machinery association will organize enterprises to exploit the international market shoe baotuan.

Wang Jingwen said: consider such a form, to Indonesia, Vietnam, Kampuchea and these markets, to copy these models to reduce costs. The second will be able to carry out some foreign markets. To create a brand in the whole of Asia and the world in the future, is the Dongguan chamber of commerce brand shoes.

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