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Houjie shoes: "crisis" into "shoe industry opportunities"
From: Dongguan Aolaite Machinery Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-03-19

  Dongguan footwear industry "crisis" has become a shoe industry "business". Reporters learned that these years many city shoe enterprises to establish a branch method, have to the Midwest and foreign low-cost regional "migration", in this process, the shoe with generous leading production equipment, to Houjie shoe machine industry ushered in a new round of development, some high-quality shoes company's export growth exceeded 30%.

It is understood that Houjie has about 200 shoe companies, is one of the most densely covered Guangdong shoe machine industry area, the Dongguan shoe company was more than 500. At present, innovation efforts, Houjie shoe machine industry is not only beyond Wenzhou, Jinjiang two old rivals also jumped ahead of Italy, Taiwan Chinese shoe industry, shoe industry reshuffle triggered from scratch.

Intellectualized direction of automation in the main attack

In the more than 500 Dongguan shoe company, last year some companies to seize the opportunity to complete the migration of the footwear industry, increased steadily. In this process, Guangdong Province as one of the most dense shoe industry area of Houjie, explosion announced the great power of innovation, in order to save manpower, automation and intelligence as the main direction, accelerate product development innovation of the shoe, intensity and speed not only beyond Wenzhou, Jinjiang two old rivals also jumped ahead of Italy, Taiwan Chinese shoe industry, shoe industry reshuffle triggered from scratch, some high-quality shoes export growth of more than 30% companies.

Taking the name Ling Ling Industrial Automation Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, its self-developed "two color and double needle sewing machine" is of high quality, and is well received by the domestic and foreign market at the first launch.  The whole sales volume of the name of diamond last year completed the increase of 20%-30%, and the export accounted for a large share. "With the handling of shoes, the trend of this increase will become more and more obvious." Chairman, Dongguan shoe machinery association name Ling Industrial General Manager Wang Jingwen told reporters that the current name of the diamond pin inside and outside the share amounted to 6:4, estimated that by the end of this year in the export share of each half.

The same export order is high in ILLY Automation Technology Co., Ltd. It is understood that in the last year, ILLY's domestic and foreign market share began to balance gradually. Currently, ILLY announced a variety of independent research intelligent commodity "manipulator" and "eight line group" and "the whole plant output equipment", in addition to the township of the sale, but also exported to many countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, a handful of shoe manufacturers can complete the whole plant export.


Shoe shoe migration brings business opportunities

In Wang Jingwen's view, because the appreciation of RMB, the rising costs of labor and other reasons, on top of the shoe enterprises and traders to set up branch pressure method, perhaps to the Midwest foreign migration is the Dongguan footwear and the future development trend of Chinese shoes.

In the name of Mitsubishi customers, 80% shoe enterprises foreign investment to foreign migration, like Taiwan, some large foreign shoe has experienced several times of migration, they "go out" experience is rich, so some companies to offer the "handling, establishing a branch factory, but technology research center of some usually stay at Chinese. For example, the large shoe factory, such as green space, has been prepared to set up a branch factory in Vietnam to expand the method of outsourcing.

Relative to foreign footwear enterprises, the township shoe enterprises to go out of the planning is relatively small. Wang Jingwen dissect, this is because the town shoe enterprise's planning is not very large, does not move towards the world's strength. And they do not have "go out" experience, the strong shoe companies usually choose to return home investment, perhaps migrate to the Midwest. At present, several shoe companies, including the dragon transport shoe industry, have set up a branch in the middle and western regions.

The migration of shoes business planning, equipment service providers as to the shoe industry has brought great business opportunities. Wang Jingwen showed that on the shoe industry itself is concerned, it is the equipment manufacturers, technology service providers, is not high on the regional demand, so don't need a lot of labor force, more do not need to follow the service provider to carry, thus subject to adverse external factors. Along with the rising cost of labor force, shoe enterprises both outward migration is the home town, is bound to increase the leading equipment investment.

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Baotuan started Houjie shoe brand

Increase in export orders, forcing Houjie shoe machine industry adjustment strategy agile, Baotuan group started Houjie shoe brand, with very good to deal with the export of war".

This year, a diamond increased on the foreign market investment, specially invited Taiwan and Hongkong occupation manager to open up foreign markets, in addition to the already established India, Vietnam, Kampuchea and other three foreign companies, this year a plan to enter Burma, Indonesia Ling set point of sale, to seize the market cake together to continue serving the domestic market; in particular, Houjie headquarters name Ling will increase the development investment, the equipment itself to high, fine, sharp direction of development, the domestic shoe with high automation equipment requirements, assist the decline in labor cost, improve manufacturing efficiency.

With a diamond production, domestic and foreign form of the sale of land is not the same, the pace of foreign expansion of Xin shoes more, choose outward processing, namely the new development of the company's shoes are usually carried out research and design in Houjie, and then sent to Italy, Germany produced parts, mold proofing, the acquisition of raw materials. And then go back to Houjie assembly and production of some non core components.

In addition, Dongguan city shoe machinery association as a "leader" is made an innovation decision - Baotuan started Houjie shoe brand group. It is understood that the chamber of Commerce has successfully set up the shoe exhibition center, will be dozens of the latest research equipment gathered on behalf of the company announced to display, 2014 will arrange travel to Indonesia, Vietnam, Kampuchea and other countries in the region, by replicating the exhibition center and other methods, pushing to open up international market.

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